1/ General Introduction to Amaya Retreat 

Amaya Retreat is a resort with a total area of ​​​​nearly 10 hectares, hidden in the pine forest located in Soc Son district, less than 40km from the center of Hanoi. When you are tired with dozens of deadlines, many worries are heavy on your shoulders, let's temporarily put everything aside, leave the noisy and bustling city to find a place of peace for the soul.

Currently, the resort has 9 Bungalows with 14 bedrooms and 1 Villa Suite with 3 bedrooms designed in a sophisticated and elegant European architectural style. Leaning back on the pine hill, blending with the mountains and forests of Soc Son will be a great choice for you and your family to experience the resort here.

2/ What makes Amaya Retreat different?

The unique difference at Amaya Retreat is firstly a glass restaurant with Fusion cuisine. The dishes here are the interference of culinary quintessence from many different countries to create a distinct flavor. The luxurious glass restaurant helps you both enjoy your meal and capture the wonderful scenery of the pine forest in the distance.

3 water touch points should not be missed when coming to Amaya Retreat resort:

  • Small swimming pool is located between luxury bungalows.
  • The villa’s swimming pool with its unique arch-shaped architecture mixed with flowers creates a fanciful and poetic scene.
  • The huge swimming pool is placed adjacent to the deck, near the resort’s entrance. With a large space, the design of the slide will be an attractive place for children to explore the resort with their families.

With the facilities of a four-season swimming pool that regulates water temperature all year round, the space around the lake is suitable for enjoying tea and chatting. In the evening, under the canopy of pine trees, you can sip a glass of wine next to the romantic flickering candlelight.

3/ Total

Amaya Retreat - A resort that integrates many amenities with luxurious style, making you want to come but not leave. You ask me if there is anything more attractive, come experience to feel more!

Booking information:

Hotline: 098 479 85 65

Email: amayahrm@gmail.com 

Address: Lam Truong, Minh Phu, Soc Son, Ha Noi

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